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If you’ve been stopped for a DUI or DWI in BaltimoreMaryland, or surrounding counties, and you are worried about losing your license, your job or your freedom… then this will be the most important message you read today.

Here’s Why:

My name is Bruce Robinson and I am a Maryland DUI/DWI Lawyer. I have been practicing DUI defense for over 13 years, helping people in Baltimore and all over Maryland beat their DUI and DWI cases by leveling the playing field which is fundamentally stacked against the Maryland Driver. Unlike other “ivory tower” lawyers who talk about DUI and DWI defense “theories,” I know the Maryland DUI  Laws and I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and fighting for my clients for over a decade to win favorable decisions and successful outcomes for my clients.

Believe me when I say I know what you’re going through… One moment, your out enjoying dinner with friends, drinking responsibly and having a nice evening. The next moment you see the blue and red flashers in your rear view mirror, you get that anxious scared feeling in the pit of your stomach, heart starts pounding, hands start sweating- your going to be stopped for a simple traffic infraction! But, you have had a drink or two…your not drunk, maybe he won’t notice it. Problem is, you’re driving late at night and the cops are trained to look specifically for signs of alcohol. Like a shark, he is sniffing you, observing you, everything you say, do or touch, looking for any excuse to get you out of your car and doing FST tests which he knows you will likely fail. Boom-arrested! Now it’s off to the station house where they try to get you to further incriminate yourself by blowing in their machine. When it’s all over, you’re sent home with a handful of tickets, thousands of dollars in fines, embarrassed, scared, angry, and the potential for going to jail!

Overnight, everything changes…

Suddenly, being pulled over for a Maryland DUI or DWI could cost you your license, your job, a huge chunk of cash and end you up in jail. The frustrating part is, you may not even be guilty of the offense but because Maryland Law is so overwhelmingly designed to convict you of driving under the influence of alcohol from the very minute you are stopped, it becomes very hard to dig out of the mount of evidence the police build against you. Do not help the police- do not answer any questions, especially those regarding alcohol consumption!

Did you know that many of the DUI and DWI field sobriety tests are designed for you to fail? Have you ever tried to do the “tests” stone sober? Ever had somebody give you multiple instructions at the same time and expect you to follow each and every instruction without writing them down? When is the last time somebody asked to stand on one leg for 30 seconds and count, karate kid? Truth is, these tests are all designed to bury you, and the officer will use every trick in the book to charge you with a DUI/DWI. Why? The safety of Maryland drivers and citizens is important without argument, but if the goal was strictly the safety of our Drivers, why stack the system unfairly against the accused? Why isn’t Maryland law for DUI cases the same as other Maryland law where the Defendant is advised of ALL his rights not to incriminate himself? Why are Maryland drivers specifically asked to give admissions, and incriminating evidence against themselves? Why can you be convicted of DUI simply and only based on a number that you blow without any other supporting evidence whatsoever? Why aren’t Maryland drivers advised of their right to lawyer like in other criminal case? DUI is big business and the cards are stacked against you.

Here’s How You Can Fight Back

If you have recently been charged with a Maryland DUI or DWI, you need to take immediate action or the first thing you will do is loose your license to drive. You need to hire an experienced Maryland DUI/DWI Attorney – someone who knows Maryland laws and how to fight to make it work for you. Not somebody who occasionally practices in this area, not a family friend or corporate attorney, but somebody that eats and breaths DUI Defense.

I invite you to call my office at 443-213-0345 and schedule your FREE consultation or email us using the form above. We will respond immediately to you  spend significant time together going over your case, looking for issues and developing appropriate defenses. The call will cost you nothing… the consultation is free… but ignoring this message could cost you thousands in fines, points and insurance.

Having years of experience as a Maryland DUI/DWI Lawyer, I will spend the time to educate you on the charges you face, I will evaluate your DUI case and tell you how we can successfully resolve the case with you. As a result, we will help you keep your license, keep your job, avoid jail time, avoid huge fines and ridiculous insurance premiums.

Please take a moment to review the results I have obtained for my clients; see what other clients have to say about their case. Then, if you would like help with this serious matter, I urge you to email me or call 443-213-0345 to schedule your immediate free consultation. Many clients report that I put their mind to ease with just our first phone call and they feel far more relaxed after a consultation where I explain the entire procedure, from beginning to end, and how I can defend their case. It is not necessary to have unanswered questions or to feel anxcious and scared, simply call us.

To begin the process of helping you understand Maryland DUI/DWI Laws, I have written the free DUI/DWI Fact Book which can be downloaded right from this site. It is a free download help yourself, it’s on the top right of this page in yellow!

Maryland DUI / DWI Lawyer Bruce Robinson handles drunk driving cases in Baltimore CityBaltimore CountyAnne Arundel CountyHoward CountyCarroll CountyFrederick CountyPrince Georges and Montgomery Counties and throughout state of Maryland.

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