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The following list represents the present interlock providers in Maryland. An interlock is a device that is installed on your car to confirm the lack of alcohol in your system when the car is started and while driving. The device requires a breath sample by the driver in order to start the car and again during the course of driving.

The device is basically an option following a DUI/DWI arrest in Maryland when a breath sample is provided reflecting a BAC (breath alcohol content) of .15 or higher or when the driver refuses to blow when requested to by a police officer.

The following locations are certified by Maryland’s MVA:

Nat’l Interlock Service – 800-374-5760

Smart Start – 800-880-3394

Draeger Interlock of Maryland – 800-332-6858

Guardian Interlock Systems – 800-499-0994

Alcohol Detection Systems – 800-786-7394

The foregoing companies offer different products at different prices. They may also charge differently for their prodcurts. In this writer’s experience, digital devices tend to be more accurate then analog devices where you have a choice.

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